Augusta - Straightened Flow Pattern

The Masters Decorative Series is a ½ HP Masters Fountain with a Classic LE float. This allows the user to get the performance of a Masters series fountain at a lower cost. All existing ½ HP Masters Series® patterns are available on the Decorative Series. Fountains are available in 120V 1PH and 208-240V 1PH.

Watch Unit In Action!
Horsepower ½
60Hz HT x DIA ft UPPER 7 x 14
50Hz HT x DIA m UPPER 2.1 x 4.3
Multiple panel options are available as shown below.
  • Standard panel (Classic LE panel with upgraded LED photoeye) (120V only)
  • Upgraded light ready panel (½ HP Masters panel) (120V & 240V)
  • RGBW light ready panel (120V & 240V)
  • RGBW WIFI light ready panel (120V & 240V)
Standard panels are only available in cable runs of 50’, 100’, 150’, 200’, and 250’. These will come with a plug like Classic LE cable runs. All other panels are available in custom lengths of cable. Lighting options are the 11W LED (available in White, Red, Green, Blue, and Amber colored boards) and the 20W RGBW. Light sets will only be sold in 2 and 4 light configurations.
Masters Decorative Series