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Crown & Geyser

Crown & Geyser Specifications

60Hz Specifications
Horsepower ½ ¾
HT x DIA ft Crown 2.5 x 18 3 x 18
HT x DIA ft Geyser 4
50Hz Specifications
Horsepower ½ ¾
HT x DIA m Crown 1 x 7.6
HT x DIA m Geyser 2.3


Cyrstal GeyserFour Interchangeable Spray Pattern Displays
The base model design utilizes the conical, Standard High Volume display without a nozzle. The two-tier Crown & Geyser, the tight Geyser, and slightly wider Wide Geyser utilize different nozzles that are easily interchangeable. Nozzles must be purchased separately.

Safety Recognized
As with all Aquamaster equipment, this new ½ HP Classic LE is UL LISTED.


Celestial FloatHigh Performance Power Unit
The custom, oil cooled motor operates at an energy efficient 5 amps at 120 volts. It sits in a stainless steel canister and sealed with a stainless steel base plate and seal hub assembly for long lasting, trouble free operation. An Aqua Lock quick disconnect is available as an option if desired.

Superior Quality
The new, built to last, ½ HP Classic LE is constructed with high quality, corrosion resistant components utilizing propeller technology. The power unit, propeller, debris screen, and fasteners are all made in 300 series stainless steel to provide longevity.

Simple to Install, Easy to ServiceCelestial Float
• Place, anchor, and power up.
• Includes 50’ of 14/3 cable
• Light-weight design
• Shipped in one carton

Optional Light Sets
• 2 or 4 clear lights  with 13 Watt LED Bulbs, Timer, and 50’ of 14/3 cable


CAD / Specs / Details

* All AquaMaster unit dimension tests are performed at 240 Volts. Actual voltage to motor will affect your fountain's performance *

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1 - 5 HP Horizontal Design

Industry Leading Warranty

The ½ & ¾ HP Classic LE Fountains carry the best warranties for fractional horsepower units:

- 3 years parts & labor for in-water equipment and light sets
- 3 years parts & 1 year labor for control panels

  AquaMaster stands behind its products with pride.