Solar AquaAir® Ultra

Solar AquaAir® Ultra (SAAU) aeration systems are powered by the sun, backed up with battery banks for 24 hour per day operation. These systems are manufactured with the same benefits & features of the AquaMaster® AquaAir® Ultra aeration product line, utilizing robust components requiring minimal maintenance. SAAU systems provide superior aeration, circulation, and de-stratification of water bodies. Perfect for installation in ponds and lakes located in remote areas with no power source, the SAAU provides the ultimate in year round environmentally friendly aeration. A solar powered brushless 24 volt piston compressor supplies compressed air via .58” weighted Super Sink air tubing to the diffuser(s) located unseen on the pond bottom. Diffuser membranes utilizing microbubble technology synergistically lift water from the pond bottom to the surface where atmospheric oxygen transfer occurs and a subsequent, oxygen enhanced, beneficial circulation is created.

Features Include: • 9” Dia High Performance Membrane Diffuser(s) • Polycrystalline Solar Panel(s) • Top Pole Mount Kit, Angle Adjustable **Mounting Pole not included** • Stainless Steel Compressor/Battery Enclosure SAAU1 - 21.0”L x 17.0”W x 16.3”H; 24”x24” HDPE Base SAAU2 - 28.8”L x 24.2”W x 18.0”H; 24”x24” HDPE Base • 24V Single Head Piston Compressor • Digital Charge Control System • Quality Maintenance Free Batteries • 90cfm Enclosure Cooling Fan • 1/2” (.58” ID x 1.06” OD) Super Sink Air Tubing • Adjustable Flow Control Needle Valves
AquaMaster's Solar AquaAir® Ultra Diffused Air Aeration system is the most efficient, durable, state of the art sub-surface aeration system in the industry today. Our revolutionary, stainless steel compressor enclosure will provide a lifetime of rust and corrosion protection, and provides superior cooling and performance.