High Performance Membrane Diffuser Technology: Hollow base design for sand or gravel weighting Large base area for soft bottom sediment Self-cleaning, low maintenance construction Ultra low back pressure check valve Micro-bubble technology Five year warranty Diffusers All membranes feature a non-stick coating to prevent biofilm and calcium build-up Single membrane features flexible 12" disc Dual membrane features two flexible 12" membrane discs Quad membrane features four flexible 12" membrane discs

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  • Entire water column circulation - up to 4000 GPM depending on diffuser depth
  • Elimination of thermal stratification
  • Increased dissolved oxygen levels that stimulate the natural aerobic digestion process thus reducing nutrient levels and associated algal growth
  • Elimination of oxygen related fish kills and expansion of the oxygenated habitat and ecosystem
  • Reduction of mosquito and aquatic midge infestations
  • Elimination of foul odors from undesirable gases
  • Reduction of organic bottom sediment
  • Preservation of a healthy aquatic ecosystem and an aesthetically pleasing aquascape to view and enjoy through improved water quality
  • Flexible, will not crack or kink even in cold temperatures
  • Self-weighted for easy installation and quick sinking
  • 2 sizes available, in 100' coils; 1/2" and 1/2” and 5/8”, ½”: 0.5" ID x 1.06" OD, 5/8": .63" ID x 1.15" OD
  • Utilizes PVC insert fittings for quick connections
  • 15 year warranty

Eliminates the need for multiple, more expensive air lines to run in ground and over long distances when the AquaAir® Compressor is located far from the water’s edge. Supplied with or without the inground junction box.

  • ⅓ HP Single Piston Compressor, 120V & 240V Single Phase
  • ½ HP Dual Piston Compressor, 120V & 240V Single Phase
  • ¾ HP & 1 HP Rotary Vane Compressors, 120V & 240V Single Phase
  • Thermal overload motor protection
  • 3 Year Warranty on Compressors
  • Heavy-duty cooling fan circulates air around compressor
  • Stainless steel hasp latch with Padlock included
  • Stainless steel cover and hardware
  • Ease of internal accessibility
  • Limited lifetime warranty (cooling fan 3 year warranty)
  • Outside Dimensions including overhang of cover AAU 1-3 – 17 L x 15 W x 16.25 H AAU 4-6 – 21 L x 17 W x 16.25 H
  • Outside Dimensions including overhang of cover & external manifold housing AAU 7-12 – 28.75 L x 24.13 W x 18 H