Fixed Base Water Feature Fountains

Vertical or Horizontal

An elegant and convenient option for many waterscape designs can be AquaMaster's Fixed Base Water Feature Fountains. Designed for smaller water features and pond applications. Fixed Base Water Feature Fountain equipment adds beauty easily and economically. All of our Fixed Base Water Feature Fountains are constructed from stainless steel and include a first nozzle choice from the Masters Series® floating fountain spray patterns.

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60Hz Specifications
Horsepower Depth Mounting
60Hz ½ HP 15 - 25 inches Horizontal
½ HP 26 inches and above Vertical
1 - 5 HP 18 - 35 inches Horizontal
1 - 5 HP 36 inches and above Vertical
50Hz ½ HP 38.1 - 63.5 centimeters Horizontal
½ HP 66 centimeters and above Vertical
1 - 5 HP 45.7 - 88.9 centimeters Horizontal
1 - 5 HP 91.4 centimeters and above Vertical
  • Available horizontally or vertically mounted
  • ½HP to 5HP models are available in single and three phase, 120V and 240V. Also available in 480V three phase.
  • No special piping or vault required
  • Night Glow LED or RGBW Lighting
  • Waterline depth measurement and basin dimensions required when ordering
  • Custom inquiries welcome
  • Standard or custom interchangeable nozzle
  • Stainless steel intake debris screen
  • Adjustable Night Glow LED Lighting
  • AquaLock Connector (ALC)
  • Exclusive underwater cable disconnect
  • Vertical units are also available for deeper water depths
  • Night Glow LED or RGBW Lighting available