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Aquamaster® Fountains and Aerators proudly introduce programmable, color changing fountain lighting to its Night Glow Lighting System offering. These new RGBW (red, green, blue, white) LED lighting systems consist of 40W fixtures, panel mounted controller and power supply that produce brilliant colors and shows. Customizable programming to meet color, show type, calendar and holiday events available. As with all AquaMaster LED Night Glow Lighting Systems, these new RGBW LED sets are constructed of high quality stainless steel, operate efficiently with minimal cost, long lasting, and backed with a 3 year warranty. 

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•   Factory Pre-programmed with color assortment and holiday themes
•   Calendar feature for automatic on/off programming of shows throughout the year
•   Simple underwater power cable connection ( Aqua Lock Connector – ALC)
•   Custom programs available
•   Low operating cost
•   Long lasting : 65,000 hours
•   No lens or board replacement required for color changes
•   Stainless steel fixtures, brackets, and shielded jumper cables
•   3 year parts and labor warranty
•   Available in 120V & 220V
•   UL Listing Pending 
•   Can be retrofitted to existing AquaMaster fountains. Inquire about other brands


Night Glow : 40W RGBW LED Lighting

3 Year parts and labor (all components)


RGBW Sell Sheet