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Earn More with AquaMaster®

Tuesday, January 01, 2013
Today’s economy has put a lot of emphasis on price points.  That lowest-cost short term thinking will end up costing your customers more.  The lowest price selection not only ends up costing the end-user more, but it diminishes your profits!  A better approach is to talk about the Total-Cost-of-Ownership (TCO).  AquaMaster® is dedicated to providing the highest quality products available.  This is reflected in our 3 and 5 year no-hassle warranties.  A high-quality product will keep your customer happy with their purchase for many, many years.  The alternative is a call-back after a few short months resulting in strained relationships for years to come, and little chance for additional sales.

Another important feature of AquaMaster® products is their “serviceability.”  When it comes to maintenance, your fees to the customer are pretty much the same for products from all manufacturers.  With AquaMaster® products, servicing is quick and easy, with no special tools needed.  That means you save time and money on your service call.

All manufacturers sell their products to their distributors with a discount from the published list/retail price.  Which would you rather have for example, a 30% discount on $1,000, or 30% discount on $1,200?  Wouldn’t you rather have the extra $60?

Another feature important to an end-user is the on-going costs (electricity, maintenance, etc.).  With the AquaMaster® LED lighting for example, the higher initial cost is quickly offset (usually within the first year) by the lower electricity consumption, lower cable cost, and the 50,000-hour plus life of LEDs.  The savings just continue year after year.  The AquaMaster® advantage when you consider TCO.  Our Regional Sales Managers can help you quickly calculate the projected savings.

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