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AquaMaster® Announces Substantial Price Reductions in LED Night Glow Lighting

Monday, April 01, 2013

Working with our suppliers, engineering and manufacturing, AquaMaster® has been able to reduce pricing on our entire LED light package offering.  

These new reduced prices are included in the new, revised 2013 Price Booklet which will be available later this month.  

Federal legislation is eliminating the availability of incandescent lighting.  LEDs offer more light with less wattage. That means the same light can be produced with fewer lighting units. Energy consumption is much less, and the need for heavy cables is reduced. With a 50,000 hour life, bulb replacement and maintenance are dramatically reduced.  

Combine the benefits of LED lighting with the Federal Legislation mandates and it becomes very clear and paramount that promoting LED lighting as the intelligent, cost effective, energy conscious, first choice option / recommendation for lighting fountains and water features is the path to take.  

Once again, AquaMaster® is your proud supplier of quality choices and value-added savings. Call us today and learn how we help you and your customers to save!

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