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An Unforgettable Fountain Installation

Friday, March 01, 2013
Simply stated, a day to remember. My offer to help Dean Smith and Todd Allen, representatives of local AquaMaster distributor Water Resource Management in Phoenix, Arizona, install a new 7.5HP Master Series Fountain turned into something none of us could have ever imagined.

Unexpected Discovery

Upon arriving at Lakewood, an HOA in suburban Phoenix, I was greeted by smoking tires and shaking heads as Todd’s Toyota Tundra truck attempted to pull a defunct Desert Rain Fountain out of the pond. We suspected that the fountain appeared to be attached to an unknown heavy object, hence the need for the truck. After several attempts, we finally pulled the fountain near the pond edge. Smiling like we had accomplished something, we immediately noticed what appeared to be the hood and top of a car under water about 10 feet from the fountain. Our jaws dropped in disbelief but we soon realized that the car may hold something we didn’t want to see, so a call to the police was made!

An unexpected find that was part of a fountain replacment project.

The Law Arrives

After four police cars and the local Fox News arrived, a tow truck was called to remove the car. A gathering of about 30 interested residents along with the head of their Lakes Committee made for quite a sense of anticipation and suspense. Although completely submerged, we could see that the driver side window was down,  so it was decided to break out the passenger side window and tie up to the car’s front roof posts. With anticipation growing, the car slowly began to emerge. What we found was a car that had made an excellent fish habitat with the back seat loaded with fingerling catfish. It was later determined that the car was stolen.

We Get Down To Work

After all that, our installation began. Due to the high salinity content of the pond, AquaMaster recommended that the HOA go with our saltwater grade 316 stainless system, coupled with six, 21 watt LED lights. Within two hours we had the fountain set and powered it on. Much to the delight of the Lakes Committee Chairman, the fountain actually sprayed five feet higher and twenty feet more in diameter than our published specifications! He rushed over with eyes wide open, extended his hand and proclaimed, “That is exactly what I wanted!”  

Newly installed AquaMaster saltwater grade 316 system with LED lighting.

It was with a great sense of accomplishment that Todd, Dean and
I shook hands, smiled and agreed that the day’s excitement is evidence of how blessed we are to be in the lake & pond business.


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